ground security gate to prevent theft shops and stores model ST-AM09< / p>

ground security gate to prevent theft shops and stores model ST-AM09 flocks to large malls, shops and all kinds of shops shoes, bags, clothes and others a large number of people and employers can not monitor all people because they are busy doing their work and they still have anxiety and fear that someone will steal some things without paying attention to him, therefore it is necessary to install a theft detection gate in the theft detection gate has the ability to detect all types of theft theft of clothes, shoes, food products, mobile phones and others< / p>

ground security gate to prevent theft stores and shops model ST-AM09, where this gate consists of two small gates that are installed on the ends of the door of the store, mall or others, the distance between them is one and a half meters, and if more than that, a third piece is installed, and there are also small plastic pieces called crowns, where crowns are installed in everything inside the mall or store, such as pieces of clothing, shoes, mobile phones, food products or others, each type has removing and removing the crowns when the payment is confirmed by the client

and this security gate works to prevent theft of shops and stores model as follows: < / p>

the two small gates are installed on the door of the mall or store, and then the crowns are installed with all the things inside the mall or store, even the smallest things are fitted with crowns, and these crowns cannot be unscrewed through the device located at the cashier, where the cashier unscrews this piece when confirming the payment process, otherwise, when the customer exits without paying the cost of what he bought, and the crown is fixed with the things he bought, the gate releases a very loud alarm bell to alert security and employers this device is the perfect choice for you to avoid all theft

technical specifications St-AM09 clothing theft prevention alarm gate< / p>

8.2MHZ RF system
Size: 151X30X11X2.5CM
Material: Material: acrylic
Detection distance:
90cm – 120cm
(soft label) .
1.2m-1.8m (hard tag)

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Ground Security Gate ST-AM09

Ground Security Gate ST-AM09
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