Our Team

One of our principles is to preserve and care for our customers and to deepen relations in all fields to form with you one working team to provide the best services and competencies that contribute to serving your great edifice with high professionalism and put all our capabilities in the hands of our customers to earn your precious trust and participate in your success and continuous progress and effective development.

The Main Administration In Riyadh

The headquarters of Rehab Development Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for security systems and technology

Technical Support

Management of technical support for all devices and malfunctions of devices sold by Rehab Development Company for Traders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the best technical team to solve problems.

    Security Systems Sales

    Department of sales of security systems, various surveillance cameras, devices compatible with security systems, projectors with all their accessories and contents such as security gates, etc.

    Point of Sale Sales

    Management of point of sale sales, cashier devices and devices compatible with points of sale with all its accessories POS SYSTEM systems, customer display devices and queuing systems