ST-K-300plus Wireless Receiver

wireless long distance call system 1 human voice prompt “ST-KR-C1999”
ST-K-402NR Wireless Digital Monitor

A wireless receiver in the form of a watch that displays the order number consisting of four digits. Queuing devices
queuing devices
queuing device
security systems
can work with 99pcs 1 key and multi key transmitter in max 2 show 4 digit number from 0001 9999 and first letter can be abcdefhijlmnprtuwy 3 can indicate different service type with specical s
1. Can work with 99pcs 1-key and multi-key transmitter in max
2.Show 4-digit number from 0001-9999 and first letter can be
3.Can indicate different service type with specific symbols
4.Can store 10 calls and track the calls up and down
5.3 reminder ways: sound promt and vibration
6.Battery type AAA 1.5v
7.Battery stand-by time is 45days


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